• Brian Signorelli

3 MAJOR things to know when picking a general contractor

A major home remodel is not an overnight decision, it is not something a slick salesman can convince you to do on the first meeting. By the time you figure out exactly what you want, you have spent so many emotion filled hours trying to get ideas out of your head onto paper. No matter where you are at in the decision making process there are 3 major things to know when selecting a general contractor to complete your remodel or addition.

  1. Communication. is. key. How does your prospective general contractor communicate with you? Does he respond quickly? Does he answer your calls? Does he speak your language? Do they make you feel comfortable? As a client people often forget what a GC says but they remember how they made them feel. I like to make sure my clients can be comfortable enough to speak as if we were at a dinner. Not too casual but not formal. A few other things to realize is that does your contractor communicate well before he receives first payment and then starts to not answer or be as on point? That is a tell tell sign that your contractor is ready to stop work or leave the job at the slightest hiccup in the project. Another red flag is if your contractor starts bashing previous clients unprompted, that is a sign that whatever issue there was, was probably the contractors fault. Yall should communicate

  2. Past work. If your contractor has photos of work that is similar to your project that is a great sign. It means they have the capacity to complete your project. On top of that if there are any issues that arise, God forbid, your contractor will have seen them before and be better equipped to solve those issues. Always ask for photos, there is a reason why I have my photos on my website. Ask them when they did the work in the photos. Obviously you will have some questions don't be afraid to ask them tough questions about your project. If they can answer confidently that is a good sign for you as a homeowner.

  3. Insured? Always ask if your contractor is insured and bonded. This will help cover your butt if a major problem arises like a worker injured or something destroyed that was not supposed to be destroyed. Your contractor should be insured for minimum of one million dollars. Most times your home is your most valuable asset and taking on a major remodel or addition is a big deal, you want to make sure your risk exposure is as low as possible.

In conclusion, all of these things do is build trust, if you can trust your contractor then that means you have a healthy relationship. That is really the best case scenario because by the end of the whole experience you both come out winning. Contractor gets good work and you get your dream come true whether it be a kitchen remodel or adding a second story to your home. If you have any questions or need help picking a contractor for remodel or addition, give us a call at 214-937-0937 and well be more than happy to help!

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